Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our night in bristol, va

Our first day of driving went well but is thankfully done. We only had to stop for gas once and we timed all of our stops with Olivia for either food or potty breaks. As you can see, all of the kids are pooped. We did have some minor hiccups along the way but we treked on. Our cooler leaked all over the front seat with the dvd player and video camera next to it and I was told off by a stranger for pumping in a bathroom stall at wendys where we ate lunch. Yet, we made it 8+ hours.  We ate dinner at Logans roadhouse and are staying at a Holiday Inn in Bristol, VA with all of a AAU tournament teams. We have to find more dry ice in the morning to keep the breastmilk frozen but all in all today was a success.

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  1. What a beautiful sight!!! The Williams Family on their way home. Princess Olivia and Princess Delilah and Prince Nathan fast asleep, wait almost I think Princess Olivia's big blue eyes are still open..... but closing.. You are on to new adventures tomorrow. It is still Christmas for all of them. Presents to open and the big gift that Santa left, the trampoline and Delilah's special gift she asked for that is from Uncle Ben and Nana. AND MOST OF ALL OLIVIA WILL BE IN HER OWN HOME!! FOR ALL OF US THAT IS THE BEST GIFT OF ALL. WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!



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