Friday, December 16, 2011

Phineaus and Ferb Live

Tonight, while I sit in Philly and bond with Olivia, Brett and the kids are enjoying Phineaus and ferb live at the UNO arena. It was an outing that we had all planned on attending. Yet, plans change and so do circumstances. So, I hope my angels in NOLA are having a blast and really enjoying the change of pace. This weekend will be a busy one for them because they have Aunt BB's Christmas Party tomorrow and a dinner and present exchange on Sunday; Busy, busy little people.

Tonight, I am also amazed at a group of heart moms that rallied together to have a heart baby transferred from Indiana to Boston where they can perform his live saving surgeries. The moms all networked on facebook to raise money for the fuel to fly him to Boston. The story is on and on Anderson tonight. It is truly inspiring to know people, even strangers, do care. Without the care and kindness of others, we would not be here with our beautiful Olivia. So to all those who helped us and reached out with even just a smile, Thank you.

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