Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We are New Orleans bound!

Last night we got the official all clear from her group of doctors for us to start the trek home. It is definitely going to be a trek too. Olivia can only spend a max of three hours in the car seat at any one time. So for every three hours, we have to stop for an hour and rest, stretch, and take her out. The kids like this because that means more opportunities for junk food which they won't stop begging for. We piled everything in the car and said our goodbyes early only after shipping two huge boxes home yesterday because it wouldn't all fit. I didn't think I would get all weepy this morning but as we crossed the Ben Franklin bridge one last time... I started to cry. I had always kept myself from thinking this day would come. Today is an awesome day.

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  1. Today is an AWESOME day! Have a safe and fun drive home.

  2. dkrhgsli;ue gh sl;dfnfgetgn zixuvh wlD;FH Ve;jnf;asvdjkf;sjdbfv!!!!!!!!! (THAT IS HOW EXCITED I AM!!!)

    We miss you SOOOO much and we can't wait to meet little miss Olivia. Be careful coming home!

  3. Safe travels and drive careful. Is your son in the front seat with the air bags.


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