Thursday, December 22, 2011


During this whole process I have been shown many things that I might not have been privy to otherwise. The biggest one is peoples true colors. I have realized there are several different types of ways people handle stress and dealing with situations along with different types of people. There isn't a wrong or right way... just a learning curve that can be hard at times to endure.  Please read on below.

1. There are those that say they care but really don't so they just sit back and criticize. These are the friends u thought were there but high tail it when things get tough.

2. There are those that care but don't want to impose or make u feel worse so they don't say anything but are silently supportive and if push comes to shove will help if no one else will.

3. There are those that you  never knew even knew u existed and are there to support u when u need an impartial party.

4. And then there are the people you have always loved and u call family. Some are better than others but u love the all the same.

My eyes have been opened to the fakers, liars, appeasers, and such... but also to the great family I have who I love very much.

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  1. You will see more true colors as time goes me. Sometimes it is not fun...especially when you lose friends that you have had for years. But, the friends and family that support you and realize how serious your little girls heart defect is and are willing to do just about anything for you fill your heart with joy. We have lost friends and found out the family members that just don't get it. It was a wake up call, but we have also realized that we have a lot of people that love us very much and will go out of their way to help and support us...find those people and hang on tight.

    Here is a virtual {{{HUG}}} for you and Olivia...I hope it helps a little.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Melanie we will always be there for you, Brett and the kids. Delilah last night asked if I was packed to fly to Philly and I told hr I wasn't going this time, that is when she told me how much she would miss me in her sweet little princess voice and those eyse. We love you very much! They have been so looking forward to being with you and Olivia so much. Lots of love and enjoy your Christmas with your little family! We will miss you all for Christmas this year but there is always next Christmas and we will make it a really fantastic Christmas.

    Love Nana


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