Monday, December 19, 2011

SOOOO Angry!

To say that I am SOOOO Angry is an understatement. It all started when we first came to the Ronald McDonald House. You see, there is this waiting list. Once you put your name on the list you have to call everyday to see if you get a spot. So, after a week of waiting we were lucky enough to have the lovely Dora room... as you have all seen. After spending 10 glorious weeks in that room, Friday I was asked if I would want to change out of my room, which is handicapped accessible to go to another one. I thought about it, but after 10 weeks in one room....I had a ton of stuff. So, I said no thanks. My mom left Saturday and I was relieved I wouldn't have to give up my fridge or move anything prior to leaving here. Well, after seeing the house managers several times yesterday, they called at 7pm and told me...."surprise, tomorrow you're moving whether you like it or not." I was super pissed off. Now, I had to pack all of my stuff when I was by myself with Olivia. I did it and this morning when I went to get the key to my new room, I found out the new room wasn't even clean yet!!!! So to make matters worse, Olivia woke up this morning with her eyes swollen and completely crusted shut. She was so angry that she couldn't open them that when she cried....just more green pus came out. I called the pediatrician we have seen up here to get fit into her schedule. I was relieved to hear 2:45pm we would see someone. As the day progressed though, I noticed she was eating less and sleeping more. I started to think worst case scenario, but luckily when we got to the office she was wide eyed and feeling much better. They gave me a prescription for eye ointment and sent me on my way. Much to my dismay though..... after I got to the car I noticed that I had gotten a ticket for an expired parking meter. The reason it expired was because I was stuck in the room while a baby coded in the room next to me and they had to wait for ems before I could get past all of the medical personnel standing to watch what was going on. Now, I owe the lovely state of Pennsylvania $36.
Tonight, should be interesting. It is the first night in our new room, with no fridge, where I will either have to pump every four hours or walk downstairs with a screaming baby to heat a bottle. Sleep...may be unheard of.


  1. Oh no...that really sucks. I am surprised they made you move. I would think they would give the room you are in to the new family. No fridge is going to be really hard...maybe you need to talk to the house manager and see what they can do for you.

    Many prayers for sleep and a relaxing day.

  2. I would have agreed to the room change, but that I would need someone to pack all of my stuff because I couldn't possibly do it with my special needs child while I am here alone. Then, I would have watched them move it all.

  3. Dear Melanie,I am really sorry you and Olivia had such a bad day. It is so overwhelming when you have to deal with all this alone. It's so disappointing that the staff at the house were not able or willing to be some support and help for you. I had to respond to this but I actually wanted to ask you about something totally different, although you may not have time and energy to respond and that's ok. I am Sheila's cousin, Kathryn. I'm the one that makes a family calendar. Since all of us Jordans watch and pray for you and Olivia everyday even though we may not say much online, I especially wanted to include some of your photos of you all and Olivia on the calendar this year. I can print them out at home myself. I asked Sheila about it and she thought it was fine, but I felt uncomfortable about doing it without asking you directly,late as usual. Lots of love from ours to yours.
    PS I hope you find a friend there at the house, immediately if not sooner.

  4. That is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Seriously, when it rains it pours. All-in-all, the fact that Olivia checked out at the pediatrician and went back to RMH instead of to CHOP is great news. One of the reasons I found RMH (at least in Philly) to be inconvenient is the fact that we had no fridge. Every time I pumped, I had to walk to the main kitchen - every 3 hours. That didn't work well for us, so we went elsewhere. I'm glad you're settled in your new room. Is this Diego's room or some other Nick-themed room?

    I would definitely call down and request a fridge - tell them you have a cardiac baby who cannot breastfeed and you're pumping every 2-3 hours and fortifying and need a more convenient set up.


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