Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All good at the pediatricians

Today Olivia had another appointment with the pediatrician. She is growing as she should and is getting close to growing out of newborn clothes. This is an exciting step because it means we are making huge steps toward the second surgery.  Yesterday we got a package in the mail and it was just what we needed. Brett sent us French bread, some sweet snacks, magazines and the beloved bills. The best part was two books from the 2nd graders in which they wrote Nathan and Olivia letters of good wishes. There was a lot of sweet thoughts and love in those books. It made us smile and even giggle at times. Thank you to the teachers for thinking of us and putting together something so nice.

I have started the task of Christmas shopping online and getting everyone something special. It doesn't feel just right sending gifts by mail, but I know the gifts will be perfect.

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  1. Yeah for the great appointment! I am so used to shopping on line that I wouldn't know what to do at the store. Many prayers for some relaxation and cuddle time with mommy and Olivia.


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