Thursday, December 29, 2011

Visitors wanted but wary

We wanted to let everyone know just how much we want them to meet Olivia but we also have to be cautious. We haven't done all of this for her to get sick and end up in the hospital. So, we have come up with some guidelines to not hurt anyone's feelings. Here goes:

1. If u or someone close to u is sick please don't come visit.

2. Please call first before just stopping by. If Olivias having a bad day we don't want to waste anyone's time.

3. We really only want to expose her to one new group of people a day. So, if someone else has already visited that day we may need to plan for another day.

4. Come prepared to use lots of hand sanitizer.

5. Please don't get upset if she doesn't come to parties or functions until April. As many of us will cone as we can, she mat just have to see pictures later.

We are very excited for her to experience all of the love everyone has for her. Thanks for understanding where we are coming from.

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  1. I hope the older two are getting the attention they so need. I can't believe from the pictures you have posted that you have allowed your young son to ride in the front seat. That is very dangerous and against the law since you have airbags. Does he not need to be kept safe.

  2. To anonymous:
    My children are my first priorities. My young son weighs 100 pounds and has been buckled the whole time. I have ridden in the back to monitor Olivias sats. As you can tell there is only 5 seats in the car. Our other options were the roof or the trunk. Thank u for your concern but my child's well-being is just fine.

  3. Brittany - I am not scared to put my name on hereDecember 29, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    Wow! I can not believe the audacity of some people. If you are so brave to comment something so rude, why not leave your name? Oh, because you want to try and hurt someone who has done EVERYTHING they possibly can to do the best for their family.
    Yes, let's put the 8 year old in the back seat! Surely he will be able to determine if Olivia's oxygen sats drop and needs attention. Where else would you like him to sit? Once you have been in Melanie's shoes, then you can comment on her parenting skills. You are not half the person my sister is and I pray that one day you never have to watch your child struggle and fight for her life. I hope you never have to go day to day wondering if your child will live to see her 5h birthday. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I pray for people like you who are ignorant.

  4. Brian Deck, also not afraid to place my name on this blog.December 29, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Dear Anonymous,

    Your identity is unnecessary since both you and your comments are inconsequential. (look it up) I agree with Brittany that your comment was rude and inconsiderate. Your words to a family going through a health crisis was uncalled for. Melanie and Brett Williams are exemplary parents. I am very proud of how they have dealt with this crisis, and very thankful for all the people who have rallied behind them. Must you put people down just to make yourself feel good? If you can't say something good, please refrain from saying anything, especially concerning my daughters parenting skills. YOU should be as good a parent as either of them.

  5. My dear fellow heart did not need to even waste your time or energy on responding to such negative, hurtful comments. Who does that jerk think she/he is to call into question your decisions as a parent. We only know each other via the heart community and I know what an amazing mother you are to ALL your children. That person needs to go back to Kindergarten...first lesson..if you have nothing nice to say keel your fat mouth shut! Heart hugs!


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