Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Too much lasix

Last night after weighing and feeding Olivia, I noticed that the top of her head by her soft spot had sunken in. It was so sunken that you could see and feel the edges of her skull. I knew it is a major sign of dehydration in babies so I called the fellow to notify them. They had me hold her morning dose and they notified her cardiologist. They called me back today and just want me to give it to her once a day now. I am so worried I am going to miss seeing some change in her or her behavior. I had no clue how fragile and how quickly it all changes.

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  1. Mel, I know. It's a constant battle of emotions and anxiety and vigilence. You can do it. Glad you noticed her dehydration - keep an eye on her ins and outs. Do they have you monitoring her daily? I had a logbook where I noted all intake, weight, sats, HR, etc. It made it convenient to look back over the past few days to compare and see any minute changes.

  2. You are a great mommy and should be proud that you caught the signs so early. It is such a fine balance for our little ones with their fluids and I know it is hard for the doctors too. Many prayers for a restful night for both of you.

  3. Melanie you are a great mommy. You are very lucky you have the training to catch the things that you do and question them. Keep up the good work. We really can't wait to see you and Olivia home after Christmas. But glad you all are up there for these bumps in the road. Love you both. Keep the faith. We are all with you in spirit if not physically.
    Maybe one day I will learn how to post this with my name instead of anonymous.


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