Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who said this surgery was easier than the first?

Olivia after freaking out finally got the attention of the resident on call. They lowered her sedative and took off the nasal cannula. Within minutes, she was freaking out with says in the 40s. They quickly calmed her doewn with the good Orleans hair dryer. It was then that the nurse pointed out her chest tube drainage. When she gets mad alot comes out. Better out than in, but the color looks like strawberry milk. They think it is Chyle from her lymphatic system. The fix is npo or expense formula. Worst case is surgery again. So while I spent hours each day pumping it is all for nothing. The most frustrating thing is everyone prior to surgery raved about her being a model patient. I got my hopes up high we wouldn't run into many major issues. That lead to a major letdown this morning not to mention the sleep deprivation. Hopefully we will have lab results soon.


  1. Sending much love and get many well soon wishes your way. <3

  2. We are praying for y'all. Stay strong.

  3. My HLHSer (Chase, almost 2 1/2) was VERY lucky to not have the chyle issue, but there were several babies in the PCICU at MUSC that did. One thing they did was use a centrifuge to spin the fat out of breastmilk, so these sweet babies still get the goodness of breastmilk without the fat. Might be something worth asking about during rounds...

    Thinking of you and praying for sweet Olivia!

    ((Heart Hugs!))



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