Wednesday, March 21, 2012


         Today, they took out Olivia's chest tube. We are hoping no more are needed. She decided that she would eat when she wanted to which isn't a surprise. She is taking some here and there but no where near what she was eating prior to surgery. To straighten up some confusion, apparently on all imaging Olivia had two superior vena cava like we might have mentioned before. When the great Dr. Spray got in her chest, he couldn't find the left superior vena cava. So no worries right? Well not exactly. As long as her venous pressures stay low, they won't do anything. If she constantly has chylothorax or high venous pressures then they will do a heart cath and look for the left vena cava. If it is causing a problem, they might have to go back in. We hope this isn't the case.She has developed pulmonary edema on one side that they are treating her with extra lasix to fix.

        An absolutely fabulous and heart felt moment happened last night. In all of this craziness, Nathan is doing great in school; Alpha honor roll in fact. Last night was his first reconciliation which he was so nervous for but did a great job at. We missed Brett and Olivia cheering him on, but we hope they will be home for easter and hopefully his first communion. While going through all of the piles of mail, I came across an invitation for Nathan to a friend's birthday party. Now, birthday parties invites are like status verification. If you are cool, you get the awesome invites. So to say Nathan has been anxious about getting one to a special party that he heard about at school is an understatement. I opened the envelope and passed it on to him quite quickly. He was thrilled, sat it down and ran off to do his chores. I later picked it up and read times and places. Shocked and surprised, I read the bottom line. It reads in lieu of gifts, please donate to Olivia. How selfless??? Four little boys have sacrificed their gifts for her. I can not even begin to express how amazed I was at their generosity. I sat on the floor and wept; tears of frustration, sadness, happiness, amazement, and gratitude. I just hope
 one day we can truly thank everyone for all they have done for us.


  1. Awe. I am now crying. What a heart warming storey. There are GOOD people that care

  2. Melanie, I cried when I read this. When I told my mother about it, she cried too. We all pray for Olivia and all of you daily and so wish we could do more for you. Also wish we could be there for Nathan's first Holy Communion -- I remember Brittany's so well. Love to all of you! Judy, Stephen, Aunt Ruth, and all the North Carolina Decks.


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