Thursday, March 15, 2012

The schedule for tomorrow

Olivia has to be at CHOP for 5:30am, eastern time, tomorrow when she will be admitted and the process will start. They are anticipating that the MRI will start at 7:00am and surgery will start roughly an hour later. We will have a cicu nurse updating us but they told us to plan for four hours from when they take her to when we see her again. Today, we signed consents, did blood work, and met the research people. Her blood pressures looked great while her sats were in the high 60's. It is definitely time for this to happen. I have included a picture of her sporting a cute outfit and of course a bow. We will update tomorrow as much as possible but look here for info all day if you want the most up to date stuff.


  1. SHe looks so adorable with her little bow!... Praying hard that everything goes well tom!

  2. The bow is adorable! You've been in our thoughts and prayers all week and into tomorrow and the days ahead.

  3. Will pray all day


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