Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sorry about lack of updates.   Melanie took Nathan on her first camping trip ever,  in a tent on the ground.   I told Nathan to remember all the good details.   They will have a lot of fun.   Delilah is with her nanny and her fun cousins.   Olivia and I are hearing whispers of discharge.

First,  Olivia has been sating in the 71 - 68 range when deep asleep which is not good.   Luckily we had a great attending,  as usual.   The course of action was a blood transfusion then a catheterization.   A few days post op her hemoglobin was 17 and yesterday it was 14.  She was sating a lot better at 17.  So when she got her blood transfusion last night I was skeptical.   Turns out once she went into her deep sleep she was *drumroll please* 77 - 79 allllll night long.   I was beside myself and wanted to tell Melanie, but she so far out camping she can't get a signal.  

It was such a relief to see some good sats and no nurse coming in the middle of the night to put oxygen on her.   The other two hurdles have been cleared as well.   Her chest xrays look squeaky clean and clear,  and the chylothorax has been whipped into submission by the best tasting disgusting low fat formula ever.   Enfaport is almost $78 for 10 days and luckily Olivia is drinking it like it is gold.   THANK GOD.  

I would like to stay in the hospital and extra day to be safe but we have a shared room.   We have already had two different suite mates so far and they have been good babies.   Last night a poor sick boy moved in with a crazy bad cough.   His little brother stayed in the room too,  and is probably sick as well.   If you can imagine my face when I learned this I was freaking out.   We have kept our baby sickness free since November 1st and now our favorite hospital would get her sick buying her a an extended stay.   I asked the nurse but there was nothing that could be done.   There policy is to not have a sick kid share a room but with no rooms there was no choice.   The nurse quoted some DHH policy that it isn't a problem as long as all contact precautions are followed.   All nigt listening to that sad cough imaging the germs wafting over the divider curtains into little Olivia scratched up nose.   I managed to sleep but it was nerve racking.   With all this in mind the doctors would like an extra day but it comes to a question on what is worse her getting sick or discharging her to the RMH and seeing her doctor Monday.  

With the complete 180 turn last night and through this morning with beautifully high saturation I was just told by the nurse that it is pretty definite and she was sending our prescriptions down to the pharmacy.   Then the dad next door blew all sorts of stuff out of his nose.... Get us out of here!!!!

I am confident everything will be OK and if it is not we will leave our sickness free Harley Davidson Ronald McDonald room and haul butt back to the hospital.  

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  1. Dear Brett & Melanie (and of course, Baby Olivia (((-:),

    You do not know me, but I have been following your posts since January, 2012. I came upon your website quite by accident; but as we can all attest to, there are never any coincidences with God, and absolutely everything happens for a reason. So, it's nice to "cyber-meet" you anyway. (((-: Please know that Olivia has been in my prayers constantly since I first learned of her. Your entire family has been as well. I can't even begin to imagine what you have and are going through. Olivia is absolutely precious. When I checked today for an update on Olivia, and learned that she is doing so well, I thanked God from the bottom of my heart. I truly hope and pray that her progress continues, and that she thrives. I want you to know something; Since February 20 of this year, I have been preparing for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Being Catholics yourselves, you may or may not know exactly what that is, but if you want to know more, I will be happy to share the program with you at some point. Anyway, the program lasts for 33 days. My Consecration day is technically today, but since a very dear friend of mine is a Priest, I will be attending Mass at his church tomorrow morning at 10:30, then he will pray the Consecration prayers with me. Mother Theresa has appeared to me during this preparation. I know you may find this difficult to believe, but it's the Honest To God Truth. I feel very humbled and extremely blessed. Now don't think I'm preparing to become a nun, (LOL) but the program is simply to bring us closer to Christ. I have told Mother Theresa that I would offer my human life to God in place of Olivia's; that she may live, thrive, and have a healthy and happy life. I don't regret this, and I never will. In closing, please know that my thoughts and prayers will always be with Olivia and your family. You WILL get through this; lean on the Lord, and never give up. Peace & Love to All of You!
    Pamela M
    Coventry, RI

  2. I am so glad Olivia is doing well. We are praying for her always. Paul and Taylor are on the camping trip and Paul has cell coverage, so if you need to get to Melanie for something just let me know know.

  3. I can't believe you are getting out of the hospital so soon. God does answer prayers and Olivia has so many people who love her and are praying for her.

    But you have to give Nana's mojo proper credit. She tipped the scales hurried things along in your favor:)

    Love Ben, Carol and Sarah


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