Friday, March 16, 2012

Ready for surgery

Olivia has finished getting the preop mri for a research study.   Dr.  Spray had another minor surgery scheduled before Olivia.   He finished the other surgery and our cicu nurse said Dr.  Spray has been in with her for 20 minutes.   She is fully sedated with an IV in each foot and an Arterial line in her right hand.   At this point she is not on bypass yet.   They are most likely carefully cutting away scar tissue from around her heart and sternum.   This is one of the longest parts of the surgery,  cleanup. 

We were told that it is very hard to tell when you have cut away all the scar tissue and knowing when scar tissue is really heart muscle.   Melanie says it is not hard,  just very tedious work.   Next step will be bypass with an update in an hour.

We are sitting on the 6th floor bridge between the south and east buildings of the hospital.   I was taking a nap.   I had a long night of reading Glenn stories from various blogs.   Melanie is reading a book on her kindle.   She is cuddling with Olivias lovey bunny,  she says it smells like her.  

This is the view from the bridge.   We look forward to updating you with good news in an hour.

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