Friday, March 16, 2012

Clipping and stitching

Dr.  Spray has her on bypass now.   Doing the repair and the nurse thinks in another hour or two we'll be able to see her.   Now we are waiting for one more update from the nurse and then an update directly from Dr.  Spray.  

An interesting thing we learned about olivia's anatomy today is that she has two superior vena cava.   They only see it in 15% of the hlhs population.   Now we have another question to ask our cardiologist.   Normal people only have one.    The surgeon just stitches them both to the pulmonary arteries.   The other question is something Melanie told me: she suggested that it would be too risky for Olivia to ever have children.   I know that is looking very far ahead but like all my children I imagine them all grown up as awesome individuals.  

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  1. I know it's going to be a long hour or two, but glad it's moving forward. Looking to kids for Olivia and the potential risks can be really frightening, I like to think that advances are made in technology and medicine that we can't even conceive of right now that would make that not only possible, but hopefully easy for her.

  2. I was in your shoes June 10th 2011. Say your prays and Olivia will come out better then she went in.


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