Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stream of bedside consciousness

Since Melanie went back to Ronald McDonald House to sleep after staying up all night with her I started keeping notes for her.   Here's the first one from 11am until 3pm.

Sats keep staying low have to keep holding the blowby mask close keeping it at 72.  They finally gave her Tylenol and oxy at 2:25pm.   She is just chilled out.   Nurse just took blood gases because of low sats.   She thinks maybe some chest pt will help.   She took 4oz over an hour.   Next feed at 4pm.   She is getting a sore on her eye and nose from all the cannula rubbing and with how she rubs her face a lot.   Seemed to like me talking to her.   Finally no morphine on board.   Still on dex for anxiety.   Still waiting to get rounded on.   Might take out iv in left leg.   It has been bothering her a lot and drew back a little pink.   Hopefully won't need another iv. Blood pressures keep going below their limits right now 70/34 with a map of 47.  Not sure what I'm talking about but it is what it is

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  1. Praying constantly for our baby girl. Love you all so much. Hope she starts feeling better real soon and gets some peace. She is use to your voice and you make her smile often. So talk to her it really soothes her. Love you all.


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