Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trip from hell

This morning started off on a terrible foot. We were late. I could not find my wallet with all forms of accepted is in it. Brett, his dad and Olivia went to the airport without me. I frantically stayed behind looking with no luck. Brittany came and thought to call tsa. We found out that with two forms of state issued is, not a picture,  you can get through security. I got to the airport just in time because our flight had been delayed due to snow in philly. After a lovely pat down in security, I was cleared to fly. We got on the plane and sat for a good 40 minutes in a holding area. We finally got clearance for takeoff. Olivia slept through it thankfully. She got a little a ansy towards the end. In the last picture you can see her with oxygen on. She did great without until about an hour in and then her sats dropped to the low 70's. The max oxygen she was on was one liter. We lucked out because the plane wasn't too full. We have realized we forgot a few things but all of it can be shipped if needed. Hopefully the rental car will go smoothly.

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