Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Olivia playing in her bed at chop

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  1. Brett and Mel,

    Olivia looks good; she's still got her spark and fighting spirit. Do they have her off oxygen for now? Brett, I'm sure five more minutes of coaxing and she would've yelled "dada!"


  2. i was so happy to see this video Brett. This is the most I have seen of Olivia happy and playful. She is such a fighter and has a good spirit. I agree with Stacey just a few more minutes and coaxing she would have said"Dada" You are trying real hard but doing a good job entertaining her. I hope the shots don't make her feel too bad like the last ones did. Take care and post more videos. Everyone likes them. Video the Harley Davidson room I'd like to see what it looks like and I am sure others would like t see it also.Video Olivia's friends from England that would really be nice. Love you and give Olivia a big hug!!


Olivia loves to hear her mommy/daddy read your comments!