Friday, January 13, 2012

Eyes of goop

We have been fighting this eye infection since Dec 19th now.  Poor baby has her eyes so irritated from drops after drops and nothing is helping. Going back to the peds again today because now her eyes foam every time I put the drops in. I just wish the peds optometrist could see her today. Hoping for something to work

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  1. I know you see the experts, and my solution is very low tech, but many times breastmilk helps with eye infections. it cures pink eye! might be worth a squirt. Also, make a very concentrated camomile tea and use it to wipe the exterior when it is still slightly warm. it is very soothing. Hope this helps.

  2. My optometrist suggests running hot water over a clean washcloth. Put that on the baby's closed eyes after it has cooled a little (of course). Keep it on as long as possible. This will loosen up and help the conjunctivitus, and helps open tear ducts. Best of luck.


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