Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Much love

Last night, a sweet baby boy named Ethan earned his angel wings. He was born 6 days before Olivia and had endured the same first surgery she has. His mom and I had talked before our babies arrived and we both were hopeful but scared. His parents are naturally devastated. I can't help but think how lucky we are to spend every day with our sweet baby. I now question if I am doing everything I can for her. Am I missing something?  Will I be in the same position one day? My biggest fear is losing one of my babies before their time has come. Hlhs is a horrific disease and more must be done to protect our innocent ones. I am partnering with Dan Claitor to raise awareness in Louisiana for our babies. We can not lose anymore. Today is dedicated to baby Ethan and all of the Hlhs angels that have passed.

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  1. Poor little guy. My deepest condolences to his parents for their loss.


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