Saturday, January 7, 2012

First cardiology appt in Nola

We took Olivia to her first cardiology at children's hospital. We saw a cardiologist that wasn't our intended one. It was actually the one we didn't want. But we rolled with it. They did an ekg, weighed her and moved us to the echo room. At this point, it was time for her to eat and she was a tad fussy. I popped the bottle in and walked into the room. The echo tech gave me this look that could kill. I shook it off and tried to get Olivia to fall asleep. Much to my disappointment and the echo tech, it was not going to happen. She wiggled and whined for the 25 mins it took for them to do it. After they were done, we went back to the other room and waited for the doctor. When the doctor came in, she raved about how excellent CHOP is and how great the surgeons are. We completely agree. Then she stated how big of a supporter she is of sedation. She thinks it makes appointments go faster and is easier on everyone involved. I was outraged. When she saw my face she said, "she never had a sedated echo at chop? " I was quick to say no. Then she moved on to her meds. She thinks the lovenox is unnecessary. Then she stated how she was shocked all she is on is lasix for her cardiac function. All of her babies are on captopril. I again gave her a look like no way in help and Ishe then commented, "well I guess u should check with her real cardiologist".  So right there, I got the gist of being unwelcomed. When we left, I filled Brett in and we both agreed we needed to talk to the cardiologist at chop before we agree to anything. And that is where we currently stand. We are waiting to hear back from them before any decisions are made. Our next dreaded appointment there is Jan 19th.

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