Sunday, October 16, 2011

Philadelphia... the next chapter

So.... I am now in Philadelphia and the long journey has begun. I arrived a few days ago and  much to my surprise the Ronald McDonald House had an opening. Melissa, my sister, and I got settled in to our lovely Dora themed room. It basically is a room decorated to the brim with Dora and Diego items and it even has a very nice yet large mural of Dora on the wall. Each day gets a tad longer as I sit here and anxiously await the timing when I will go into labor. In order to keep from going crazy, each day my sister and I take a new adventure to either sight see or find the nearest store of one kind or another. On our second day here, we visited the lovely Jersey shore. For those of you watch that crazy show, it isn't very impressive. The weather here is beautiful. Well, for a pregnant woman at least. The highs are in the low 60's and the lows are in the mid 50's. It is definitely fall here and the leaves changing colors is a sight that New Orleanians are not quite used to seeing. We starred out the car windows in amazement with many toots and horns blowing for us to get a move on. People here, I have learned, do not obey speed limits but will stop for people in a cross walk. Going 80 mph, is very commonplace even if it is a posted 40mph road. This becomes very scary when you are driving up and down hills at that and you come from flat land country.
          I have another doctor's appointment on Wednesday where we will find out exactly how big ms. olivia has gotten. I know she is huge so I am loving referring to her as GIGANTOR. I will try to upload some pictures if I can figure it out so everyone can get a peek at our lovely accommodations and the sites. Another update to come soon. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I remember where you are. I moved in to RMH the last week of March. I delivered on May 2nd. My husband and 3 year old were still in Austin and that was really tough. I was there by myself during the week. I got to know so many families at RMH. I have truly made some life long friends. It is hard to wait.... our mind sort of races doesn't it? I encourage you to rest, rest and rest. Take your field trips, then take a nap :) Enjoy your belly and each and every kick.

    We will be heading back to RMH 2 1/2 weeks for Madison to have her Glenn. She is amazing! Every moment of worry is totally worth it!

    Brandi Gandy


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