Friday, October 28, 2011

More brotherly/sisterly love is heading up!

The city of Brotherly Love will have 3 new residents at the Ronald McDonald house Saturday. Nathan, Delilah and I are FINALLY heading up to Philly at 6:15 on Saturday. It is about time, because I have been so worried I wouldn't make it since Melanie always has a tough time keeping our babies in until the timer goes off. All the research and flight schedule tracking weren't needed. The kids and I can't wait to have the family whole again. Especially when our little Olivia pops out.

We have one of the best surgeons in the country doing Olivia's Norwood surgery (1st surgery of 3), Dr. Spray. While some local hospitals take 5 to 10 hours, Dr. Spray said he is in and out in 3 hours. The less time on bypass, the less time opened up means our little girls chances go up and up and up!

Melanie will be delivering at HUP (U Penn Hospital), possibly induced at 7am Nov 1, 2011. If we are lucky Melanie will get to hold Olivia for 5 to 10 minutes, and then she'll be whisked away to CHOP through a tunnel. Not to be held again for weeks, just a little hand holding and toe squeezing. We are diligently try to stay sick free, but everyone seems to have a little bit of a scratchy throat. Delilah and I are taking antibiotics, and I'm sure Melanie and Nathan will soon follow.

This blog is about to start heating up with some serious action so stay tuned. By action I mean Olivia's birth, surgeries, and recovery which I know she will do great! Hope you all enjoy reading as Olivia grows up to be an annoying little sister to Nathan, and a wonderful little girl. I know I'm ready to fast forward to Year 3 and have all these surgeries behind us, ha ha.


  1. I was not able to hold Madison after she was born, BUT I was able to hold a a good bit before her first surgery. Be sure to ask... After her surgery, it was a few days, but not as long as I had feared.

    Madison is heading in for her Glenn on Nov. 4th.

    Heart hugs and prayers heading toward your family!



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