Monday, October 24, 2011

Exciting weekend

So this weekend, we had quite a bit of excitement here at the Ronald McDonald House. The daily routine here can get a bit mundane so please realize this term of excitement wasn't all that exciting to most. Our days consist of basically sleeping until 10:30am philly time, waking to eat an early lunch and then heading out for a daily activity. We then head back for when dinner is served at around 5:30pm and sit and talk to other residents here until about 7:30pm. Then it is rush for an open tv and watch tv until about 11:00pm. Exciting right?

This Saturday, we were awoken to a fire alarm honking in our room at 7:10am. We were then greeted by New Jersey's finest in all out gear trying to figure out what was going on. Turns out, someone was smoking in their room. So we decided to scrap going back to bed and took a nap later that day.

Yesterday was Nathan's 8th birthday. It was really hard to not share in his special day, but I know he had a great time with Brett and his family. I have a countdown going until Brett and the kids come up which is this upcoming Saturday, so only 5 more days. Then the fun part begins and Olivia will arrive in 7 days. The thought of her arrival is scary at times, but I forget about her being a baby. The planning and logistics get in the way of thinking, "oh no we will be outnumbered in 7 days".I am going to try to get pictures of my room and the trip up here for all to see. As many of you know, I am not the techno one of our family.

On the road.....

BB with Ronald
My beautiful roses from my family

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