Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally some pictures of Olivia

We took these while in Philadelphia back at the end of August. Sorry for never posting them. See below.

There is not much new news, just waiting for Melanie and her mom to drive up to Philly. Melanie is having some pregnancy pains here and there. Most are work related. Hopefully when she gets up to Philly she'll be able to put her feet up and make it all the way to 40weeks. We are only at 34 weeks now. Delilah was born at 36 weeks, and Nathan was born at 39 weeks. Olivia WILL be our first 40 weeker!

Also another big Thank You to everyone, we just got out our final T-Shirt order, and the next big thing will be blood drive, or Melanie driving up to Philly not sure what will come first. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

A little Austin Powers reference. It is either her pinky, or she is showing everyone her middle finger! You can see that cute Deck nose that Nathan and Delilah both share.

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