Tuesday, December 19, 2017

That was fast

They closed her fenestration and he was done within an hour. It freaked me out that it was so quick.  He got in there and didn't see any collaterals or other big issues.  He said the fenestration was the only thing causing her to have the desaturations with activity she had been having.  They did a test before they closed it to verify everything would do well with the closure. He said her sats jumped to 95% and was profusing throughout the body well.  Her fontan pressures only increased from 12 to 13, and 12 is an acceptable number.

We are waiting for her to get back to the recovery room and get situated. She should sleep for the next hour and then we'll get some pictures of Popsicles, ice cream and Playdoh.  She was particularly excited about the Playdoh in bed.  She's got 6 hours of laying still time ahead of her.

With the closed fenestration she should have her saturations be more stable when she does activity.  Before she'd drop to 75 now hopefully she'll always remain in the 90s.  At least that is what I am hoping for.  Now we have some other things to worry about like PLE, and pulmonary hypertension but we'll put those concerns deep in the back of our minds.

I'll post another update when she's a weaker and happy.

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