Monday, December 18, 2017

Preop done

This morning we started off extremely early. The first adventure for Olivia was getting to see the old snow all piled up on the side of the roads. She thought it was super cool and made sure to call and tell Nathan and Delilah all about it before school.

When we arrived at the doctors office, Livi was nervous to say the least. While she doesn't remember the last time she was here, we have shown her lots of pictures and keep reassuring her that she is super strong and can do this. We started with vital signs. In an effort to get the bad "poke" out of the way, we then headed to the lab. She did great and while it wasn't tear free it was short lived. We concluded the next portion with an ekg, a full exam and child life to talk about tomorrow. Livi stepped out for us to sign consents and to talk more about tomorrow with the PA. At this time, we don't have an exact clue as to what is causing her to get blue. The plan is to go in and take a good look around. We also discussed anesthesia options and anything definite will be decided tomorrow with the team.

   The interesting part of today was what we learned during her 6 minute exercise test. She started the test strong and really pushed herself. She did a combo of running, walking, skipping and jogging. She really wasn't about giving up. She did complain halfway that her heart was beeping fast and that she was getting tired but we cheered her onward. At the end, her sats were 78% and her heart rate was 175. She immediately sat down and said my head hurts so bad. She then proceeded to tell us that she gets this every time she plays at recess and has to take breaks. All Brett and I could do was nod and worry about how long we had overlooked the small things.

The plan is to rest and hydrate today. We will hopefully get a phone call with a definite time for tomorrow by 2 today. Keep everyone informed.

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