Monday, December 18, 2017

Got to Philly

We started yesterday morning off at Star Wars, and it was awesome.  We spent some time with family, said the goodbyes and got to the airport.  She did a good bit of crying saying she is not ready on both flights, she wants to go home.  We are doing our best to console her.  All of our jedi training for being a heart parent is getting put to the test. Now that she is older we are playing this game on expert level, at least trying to.  As I said before we've got nothing to worry about until they tell us to start worrying.  Our biggest worry right now is she better not get sick before the procedure, or they could delay it.  We've worked so hard this past week on the "can't get sick" mission, that all those germs floating around the airplane had me nervous.  Have you ever seen someone with lysol wet wipes wiping down airplane seats, tray tables, windows and the cabin walls?  Well several people saw that last night..... I am not messing around.  8am starts the preop stuff. We'll post later today.

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