Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Just rolled back

Got a lot of cuddles in this morning. She got her CHOP Pj's and took her madazalam (giggle juice), she almost threw it up but we got her playing a little iPad salon game and called her sister.  The distractions got her to calm down.  We got the best anesthesiologist today, white pearls and bright red lipstick.  That's why we come all the way here, because of the great cardiac anesthesia team, and she always does a great job anesthetizing her.

We got a few tears about being hungry, but we were able to distract her. Olivia was all excited about rolling down the hallways, so she was excited when they finally did.  She was playing some connect the dots thinking iPad game as she rode the hallway. Usually kids are out of it from the giggle juice, she was still pretty with it.  Let's hope she was out of it enough to get her IV. 

We are waiting to talk to Dr. Glatz the interventional cardiologist.  Then our first update should be at 10:30.

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