Monday, April 7, 2014

Finally finished and able to eat lunch

We are finally finished for today. It was a mixed bag of reports which is what it always seems to be with Olivia. The neuro cardiac care program appointment...NCCP... went awesome. They basically told us she is doing spectacular and developmentally is around the age of 3. They even said there was no need to come back to them for anything.
     Then, we went to ENT. We met with a nurse practioner who left the room saying Olivia had a multilayer problem and that thw doctor would be in. Olivia was so tired from thw morning, she fell asleep in my arms while we waited. When Dr. Jacobs came in to see her, he went about asking questions and plugging away. He found that both tubes in her ears are out and need replacing due to infections and fluid. He also did a flexible scope up her nose while Brett and I held her down. He really didn't see much, but heard her breathing. Now she is scheduled for pe tube placement, bronchoscopy, head mri and something else that Brett and I dont know how to say or spell. Worst case is... if they find something in her airway they would balloon dilate it or remove it. This would mean she would have to stay overnight in icu. We shall see.

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