Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The verdict from the cath

Sorry... We got so caught up in everything yesterday, we forgot to fill everyone in about the cath results. During the cath, Olivia was great. They were able to get all of the needed pressure readings, saturations, and access to major arteries without a problem. No "new" collaterals were found and the ones that are there haven't grown significantly. Dr. Glatz and Dr. Natarajan both feel like she is outgrowing her Glenn physiology. In an artificial environment.. like the cath lab under anesthesia... her sats were good. When active or upset,  we know she turns into a blueberry with sats as low as 60 sometimes. So, the decision has been made to proceed with the Fontan, surgery number 3, in the summer. In a way, we are relieved everything is okay for now but still worried about what is to come. Even though we should be pros at this by now... my stomach sinks every time they mention the word surgery.
   We will be in good company this summer as it seems to be Fontan time. Maybe we could meet some of the awesome heart families we have grown to know and love on Facebook. We shall see.

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