Monday, April 15, 2013

The energizer bunny

Today, we have been going non-stop. First, we were at the airport for 4:30am. We arrived to Philadelphia at 10:30am, grabbed our bags and jumped in a taxi. We made it just in time for her cardiology appt. They did her vitals, echo, ekg, and we saw the MD. She sent us to the lab, xray, and cardiac intake center. Then we went to enter. They say she needs pe tubes and her dermoid cyst in her right ear removed before it bursts or gets infected. Then back up to the pulmonary office which said they don't need to see us. So on we went back to the cardiac intake center for consents.
So this is the low down.....Olivia is getting a Cath tomorrow at 9am. Her hemoglobin is 17.5. She needs tubes and a cyst removed but it may not all happen at the same time. She may have the Cath and then the next day have the rest done we are waiting to find out exactly. Not ideal in the least but what can u do???
  Now she is napping and we are waiting for the psychologist to see us at 5:15 for the research study.

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