Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sleeping beauty

    Olivia has been resting comfortably all night. Even in a hospital...this girl can sleep. Later this morning, Olivia is scheduled for pe tubes and an ear cyst removal. She will be npo again but hopefully for not so long. Depending on what ent says, we may be leaving tonight if we get the all clear.
    On a different note, Olivia has been having an irregular heart rate at home when asleep. We noticed it and told our cardiologist which led to a 24 holter monitor. We were then informed that the rhythm she goes into is "completely" normal. It just has a lot of variables to it. Well,  here at Chop she decided to show it off too. The nurses here weren't too concerned either, but elevated the head of the bed, checked a blood pressure, and turned off the bedside monitor. If it were only that easy at home.

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