Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post cath follow-up

Today, we head back to CHOP for a post cath follow-up appointment. This drive is filled with nerves and worry. After her cath, Olivia's saturations dd not improve as hoped. They slightly bumped up some, but far from where we were hoping. The interventional radiologist says 3 months max before her last surgery. We are hoping that her cardiologist can give us a better idea and maybe extend that time period. When her sats drop to the low 70's, it is time. Placing her on oxygen has been mentioned but i truely hope we aren't there yet.
We will also see the eye doctor today to see how she is doing since fixing her tear ducts.
Poor baby has been such a trooper and still is sweet as pie even though I feel like we are torturing her sometimes.

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