Friday, December 14, 2012

Can you hear me???

We have been amazed at the words and sounds Olivia is making. She can say 10 words and definately knows how to get attention when she wants it. While we were in Philadelphia, at the suggestion of a cardiologist, we made an appointment to see an ent to check her ears. When she was a baby, olivia passed her hearing screen with flying colors and hasnt had  one ear infection. KNOCK  ON WOOD!! We are not doctors, so we scheduled the appointment for when we got back. Yesterday, I took Olivia to the ent and audiologist. After testing her eardrums, it looked  like she had fluid in her left one. That took the traditional test out of reach. The audiologist said we could try a test that is really meant for three year olds and see what happened. After sitting in a sound booth for 30 minutes and Olivia turning to noises on que I thought we were good. When she opened the door though, I knew something was wrong. There is a certain look all doctors get before they lay the bad news on you. It is a look like I am so sorry to tell you this and I am so glad I am not in your shoes. But back to the story... So apparantly Olivia was pretty consistent in her lack of response to certain high pitched sounds. The audiologist, not knowing about Olivias history, started to ask questions. When I explained that she lives in the 70's oxygen wise all the time, she immediately stated that Olivia needed further evaluation by a pediatric audiologist asap. The sooner we get her evaluated the better so it wont affect her speech. If she does have hearing loss then for christmas, Olivia will be getting hearing aids.
  As a mom, you dread to hear bad news about your kids, but when the news can make them a target for teasing it makes it even harder. Olivia's scars make her different already does she really need more? My sweet potato pie, I'll love you no matter what.


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  2. Hi Melanie, I have personally had a hearing loss since I was about 12 and had raised two hearing impaired children. I am very glad that you addressing this issue ASAP. I hope you can relax and not worry too much about the hearing aid and hearing problems. As long as Olivia can hear something and it can be amplified, this will be a breeze for her after everything else that she has survived since birth and still has to face. Hearing loss is also an area in which better solutions are discovered all the time. Her future is still bright! Unfortunately it might put a blight on your financial future, but I'm guessing that may not be anything new! Best Wishes, your cousin Kathryn

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