Friday, May 24, 2013

Fontan... The dreaded date is...

We were finally contacted by surgery scheduling Monday to pick the day of Olivia's third open heart surgery. The fontan, as it is called, will convert the right side of her heart to the completed single pumping chamber. This surgery, while it is hopefully the last, will not fix her heart. It is just a fix so she can grow an a function with what she has.
   Dr. Spray is her surgeon and he is a very popular guy, so we had limited options of dates to pick from. We chose August 15th which is a Thursday. We will fly up the 14th in the morning to make a pre-op appointment at 2 pm.
   It took a bit for all of this to sink in. We knew it was coming but by having a date it makes it more "real". We are slowly starting to make flights, rental car arrangements, and school arrangements for Nathan and Delilah. It just so happens that the first day of school is August 14th. We may not be ready, but we know it is necessary. This summer, we will have to fill with lots of fun, firsts, and memories. August 15th... Watch out here comes Olivia to kick some butt.

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  1. Will be praying for all of u. I hope y'all have the best summer. Thoughts with u


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