Tuesday, May 14, 2013

18 months and a big girl

Today, I brought Olivia for her 18 month well visit. She is 34 inches and weighs in at 28 lbs and 6 ounces. She is the average size of a 3 year old. She totally impressed her doctor who was amazed at her speech and development. She was also surprised because Olivia does not display the average white coat syndrome that most long term sick kids do. She gave everyone a hug hello and kisses goodbye... Even the nurse who gave her shots. She recieved a wonderful cocktail of three immunizations today. We have to go back in four weeks to get two more. We need to catch up before surgery number 3. She has been a little more ornery than usual but a little bit of tylenol and she is our sweet little girl again. She has amazed us all with her determination and will. It is a nice treat to have the pediatrician rave about how great she is doing.

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