Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olivia still in hospital, and I have a sick husband and son

Olivia is in no hurry to do much of anything. She is still having loose stools, almost 7 or 8 diapers today.  She finally starting having some pee diapers, but is still getting iv fluids to meet the divide.  Lab results from last night matched the lab results this morning.  Her little body is pretty swollen and we are just at a loss for what is wrong.

On a positive note, we now know it is mildly contagious.  Brett and Nathan seem to have contracted the diarrhea and vomiting issues Olivia is having.  Brett and Nathan are getting some quality nursing at my mom's house while I sit here at the hospital.  Hopefully I'll get some help tomorrow from my sisters.  Not to mention some better lab results for Olivia.

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