Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Progress and Donating

    Today, Brett and I went to meet with the nurse coordinator at NOLA Children's Hospital. We both have our reservations about this and that, but we don't really have anything to compare it to yet. We met both surgeons and poked our heads in to see the beautiful Mogg family.

   I also went to the blood bank today to get the information to set up a blood drive. As soon as I get a doctor to fill out the form, then we can have people start donating in Olivia's name. I also went to our local Whitney Bank and set up an account so people can donate for travel, health care costs and whatever is not covered by insurance. The name of the account is Baby Olivia Williams Fund. Any help is greatly appreciated and will go to great use in making a change for Olivia.

    I also started sending out letters to our local senators to make congenital heart defects not a hidden disease. CHDs affect over 35,000 babies a year. Way too many in my opinion. I hope to hear back from some of them soon.

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