Friday, July 29, 2011

Fundraiser.... oh what did I get myself into?

So, everyone knows that this whole journey will not be cheap. Brett and I after looking into our options have enlisted the help of many to plan a fundraiser. Today, we went to meet Jennifer Marrone and Gabrielle Gilberti at Generations Hall. We talked about what we need to have and all the planning that has to start now. We decided that our fundraiser will be held on September 9, 2011 from 7:30 to 11:30pm. We will have a live auctions, bands, a silent auction, food and beverages.

This sounds like a piece of cake right? I am still taking classes online and working full time and the kids will be starting school soon. Phew!!!! I know the night will be tons of fun and all the proceeds will go towards our sweet Olivia. Being in charge rather than just being a helper is overwhelming.

We got a name for our fundraiser and a very cool logo Brett made. I'm pretty proud of him.

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  1. Hey Brett,Melanie,Nathan,Delilah, & Olivia,
    The Tarleton's are praying for your family. We can volunteer for the fundraiser. We can help with anything. If you need us to watch Nathan or Olivia & once school starts if you need Nathan to stay overnight or p/u from Aftercare we can HELP. Please don't hesitate to ask!!! Also, I am secretary & Ken Larose is treasurer this year for St Clement of Rome Men's Club so I can see if we can steer any fundraising $ to Baby Olivia.
    Love Terry,Tracey,Adam,Abby, & Aidan Tarleton
    Ps Pray to St Philomena. She will take care of your baby girl.


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