Monday, July 25, 2011

The first step of many

     Today, I went and got a copy of my fetal echo and echo report. It was unreal having that in my hand and reading it. There is no denial when you see your name on the top and the diagnosis underneath, . It hits you smack upside the head. We finally got to talk to CHOP today and we Fedexed our results to the top three choices, Texas Children's, Children's of Philadelphia, and Children's of Boston. What is really scares us is if Boston says we are a candidate for their ground breaking fetal intervention that can actually repair the heart.  It was the first real step in finalizing our choice for who we will entrust Olivia to.

So far these are the problems with Olivia's heart:
Single ventricle, possible unbalanced AV canal defect, possible hypoplastic aorta, and likely aortic valve artresia.

That's it!
    It has been wonderful to hear all of the great comments of support and prayer. We know we are truly loved and Olivia has a great amount of friends out there.  Every time we find someone new who has experienced this journey, it is heart breaking to know unfortunately we are not alone. This disease has touched too many young hearts. Yet, hearing the fabulous stories of survival for these small helpless children gives us a sense of unending hope. Thank you to everyone who has shared their story with us.

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  1. If you come to Texas Children's, I'll drive down to see y'all from Austin as much as possible.


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