Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Status update

Olivia has had a rough weekend. We got her bloodwork back and her hemoglobin was 17.2. Good, stable, but not a drastic difference from the month before.
Next, we were at a parade Saturday night and she fell and hit her head. She had some vomiting and we called the on call doctor to check things out. Sunday, she started with really high fever out of no where. We worried so off to the ER. They recommended tylenol, love, and call her peds in the am. So, Monday to the peds we went. No signs of the flu, rsv, or what was causing her to be miserable. Blood cultures and a cbc later, the consensus was viral.
I am happy to say that after all that, Olivia is finally doing better.  No fever today and she ate a great dinner.
Hopefully she will continue to be on the mend. Fingers crossed

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