Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hanging in there....

   Every day, Brett and I trudge onward. We work hard, spend as much time with the kids after school and activities, and then when they go to bed, we do all of the adult responsibilities we have to in order to keep everyone on track. There have been multiple days when I have left my sick baby home with a babysitter, so life could go on. I get asked on a daily basis how I do it. To be honest, I don't know. I just keep going, we both do.
    Today, though, is one of the hard days. Olivia for the last three days has been sick. We have been giving her decongestants, tylenol, albuterol breathing treatments, and finally broke down today and brought her to the pediatrician. She has what they are calling the croup virus and an ear infection. All of this we can handle...it is nothing, right?
   Well that ever so present question comes back up... how are we doing it? This is when the not so glamorous side of being a heart parent  comes out. We will wake up every hour or two to make sure she is breathing. We will give her nebulizer treatments every four hours. We will sit with her in a steamy bathroom, whatever it takes to let her sleep.
      No one wants their baby to be sick. With a heart baby, it isn't just a little virus here or there. This is a life changer until she gets better. As a parent  of a heart kiddo, you think your child has been through it all. Surely, a virus will be nothing. How quickly I have been schooled in the art of viruses. Unfortunately, it stills stinks.

Sorry for my rant to all those who chose to read... having a hard day and hate to see my baby sick.

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