Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blue and Gold banquet for Nathan

We went to Nathan's Blue and Gold banquet last night where he went from being a wolf to a bear.  We all got dressed up and were excited to all celebrate together. I knew Olivia would want to eat mid ceremony so I overheated her bottle so it would be perfect for when she got hungry.  I gave her the bottle and she ate like a champ.  About ten minutes later, she started fussing and then choking while vomiting.  I was standing in the back of church and desperately wanted to scream help!!!  Thank god brett saw me rushing to the bathroom and met me to help clean it all up.  She was so exhausted after, she fell fast asleep.  I panicked about her breathing,  noises,  and color.  I also spent the rest of the night shaking.  She didn't do it again all night or this morning,  but still worried me like crazy. 

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