Monday, June 29, 2015

Miss sassy pants.....

    Olivia has and always will be a little sassy pants. We have come to expect her to keep us on our toes. Sometimes are more difficult to laugh at than others. I know, it is her fighting spirit that keeps her here and growing everyday. That still doesn't make it easy when she decides that no matter what she isn't going to listen. Her new favorite thing in life is gum. She will do just about anything for one piece. I hope bribery stays just as easy as it is now.
    She has been growing and changing so quickly. It is sad to think she is our last little one and she isn't that little anymore. She is in 5/6 clothes at 3 years old. Before I know it, Delilah and her will be sharing clothes. Below are some pictures from January to June of this year. Enjoy!

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