Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life with Olivia

    Our lives have drastically changed in the last 16 months. We went from relatively easy going people who enjoyed spending time with family to parents who jump at every noise, trip, and who aren't afraid to speak their minds at a doctor's office. We have grown to hate those "routine" office visits. Cringing at the site of a doctor just walking into the room.
   Yet, alot has happened in Olivia's little life recently. Olivia has grown two inches since December and is maintaining her weight. She has received her last dose of synagis ever. She is learning to say so many things that we really need to watch what we say around her. She has fallen madly in love with Dora the Explorer (I guess the in utero time at the rmh in the Dora room... did something). She also went to her 1st Mardi Gras and St. Paddy's Day parades. She has been a busy little bean.
    We have a planned trip to Philly in April for a follow up on a research study and while we are at it a check up with cardiology. We hope to get a fontan surgery plan so we can ditch the oxygen and move on to bigger accomplishments. We will also see ENT and pulmonology to complete our tour of Chop services.
   We appreciate all of the continued thoughts, inquiries, prayers, and comments. We have been changed and blessed all at the same time. It has been the longest, hardest, most rewarding 16 months of our lives.
The pictures are of Olivia napping on my lap. Her and my favorite place...

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