Monday, January 21, 2013

Oops... we forgot to update

     I'm sorry for all of our followers who haven't had any updates recently. Between appointments, school, and life in general, we don't really stop. I realized today that after I posted her pictures from yesterday, some may be alarmed at the sight of her new addition. As mentioned some time ago when we were in Philly, the doctors were worried about her hemoglobin. If it gets too high, around 19, she is at risk for a blood clot. When in Philly on December 4, it was 16.9. In early January, it was 17.7. The solution would be get her more oxygen, in theory. So, we have been doing the oxygen relentlessly when with her. We will know more towards the end of this month. If it is still continuing to climb, we may have to bite the bullet and schedule a flight to Philly. Naturally, this is not ideal.

    The anxiety and fear of the unknown brings me back to when I was pregnant with her. So much lying in the hands of doctors, nurses, and my baby herself. Everyday, I am reminded of exactly how blessed I am to have another day with her. Her smile is a window into her wonderful soul.

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