Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update on mayo clinic study

Brett and I decided to participate in a genetic mayo clinic study quite a while ago. We all had blood drawn and sent it for processing. I recieved a phone call about the results today. It seems after looking at Olivia's genetic makeup, or chromosomes, she has part of chromosome 12 duplicated. The genetist stated "i don't think it is related to her hlhs, and it has not been a recurrent finding in our study, so far. But, in order to rule out everythibg, we need to make sure it wasnt passed down from you or your husband." I politely thanked her and offered as much blood as she needed.
You would think I would be used to hearing....lab results or anatomy is NOT normal, yet it never gets easier. I foolishly started googling after I hung up, only to find a vast amount of information. In reality, it doesnt really matter what she could have. There is no way to change it and we love her no matter what.
Love you Livi

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