Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 stressful months but worth every minute

Tomorrow will make 4 months old for sweet miss olivia. To think of the past four months, it is very easy to see the hard and tough times we have all been through. Her scars are proof of that. Yet, the happy times seem to get pushed to the side. Our sweet baby is here with us another day. She is laughing, smiling, and touching lives for the better. We have been embraced by a wonderful heart mom community and the great community at CHOP, not to forget our families and friends here at home. She has strengthened our family unit to a point where I never even imagined possible. She has also taught us many valuable lessons. We dont take life for granted anymore because it can simply change in an instant. We dont cherish the goods we have in our home because when it all comes down to it, the memories are what is priceless. We also have learned how crucial it is to tell people just how much you care and mean it. So while we only have 15 more days until her second surgery, I am choosing to enjoy the good things she has given us so far. Sure, the worry and stress are still there, they wont ever really go away, but at this point I am so proud to say, "I am Olivia's mom and my baby will be a big 4 months today."


  1. Happy 4 months little sweet Olivia!

  2. Cherish all the love that surrounds you. Bask in the goodness of each present. Love IS the most important element of life!


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